23 Hour OR Recovery
Inpatient Care
Albany Medical Center

15,000 sf Article 28 compliant gut renovation of existing south clinical campus second floor space converted to 23 hour stay step-down recovery unit. The space included (14) total recovery beds including open bays and private rooms. In addition, a nurse call system update was included for 14 adjacent existing patient rooms, along with an overhaul of the facility medical gas master alarm system.

391 Myrtle Ave Medical Office Building
Outpatient Care
Albany Medical Center

New construction, five story 125,000 sf medical office building owned by Albany Medical Center. Tenants and space functions include the following:

  • OB/GYN clinic
  • Primary care practice clinic
  • Pediatrics practice clinic
  • Vascular clinic including (4) AAAASF accredited imaging based procedure rooms and associated prep/recovery spaces.
  • Neurology suite including an Article 28 compliant diagnostic and treatment center with two imaging based procedure rooms and associated prep/recovery spaces.
6 Wellness Way Regional Medical Headquarters
Outpatient Care
BBL Medical Facilities

260,000sf, new construction, three story medical office building. Upper floors will consist of 160,000 sf of medical office building clinical and administrative space. The 80,000sf ground floor is dedicated to imaging and procedure space, which will house (4) MRIs, (2) CT’s, (1) PET/CT, (2) Linear Accelerators, numerous X-rays, ultrasound, mammograms, USP797/800 pharmacy compounding, and approximately 20,000sf of AAAASF accredited procedure and associated recovery and support spaces.

Apheresis, Dialysis, Infusion, Cardiology, Pulmonary
Inpatient Care
Albany Medical Center

30,000 sf Article 28 compliant gut renovation of the second floor of the A Building in previous outpatient clinical exam space. This complicated and detail heavy project involved the relocation of existing apheresis, dialysis and infusion suites located within M and A buildings of the main campus, and provides 49 total treatment stations including dedicated pediatric areas, open patient bays with significant natural lighting, private rooms, and (4) airborne infectious isolation (AII) rooms.

The same renovation also included the expansion of an adjacent Cardiology suite, relocation of Pulmonary Function Testing from A4, and a new satellite pharmacy dedicated to the A/D/I suite.

As a previously outpatient portion of the campus, extensive new EES power distribution and medical gas infrastructure were extended as part of this project to support the new space.

Hospital Campus Power Hardening Study
Facility Planning
Albany Medical Center

In-depth, full campus main hospital study to identify weaknesses, risks, possible failure scenarios, and proposed solutions for the campus power distribution systems. Detailed full campus load assessments were conducted on this large regional campus with 15MW peak campus loads, 7.75MW backup diesel generation, and 5MW CHP cogeneration turbine systems presently installed on the campus. Chilled water loads were also carefully assessed throughout campus to identify the feasibility of providing full cooling capacity to patient care areas on a loss of utility power. Several concepts and budgets were developed including a new 5MW CHP Cogeneration turbine, 5MW of additional utility paralleled standby/peak shaving diesel generation, and incorporating existing owner provided 1MW cogeneration microturbines into the facility.

M2/M3 Patient Floor Renovations
Inpatient Care
Albany Medical Center

This 30,000 sf gut renovation of the second and third floors of the M Building was the final step of a multi-phase master plan and numerous relocation projects over the span of three years in order to create two full floors of space in the heart of the main campus for the construction of 32 new inpatient beds. Once the reorganization was complete, this project entailed a complete gut renovation of two existing floors of approximately 12,500 sf each located directly above one another. M2 provides (16) new private inpatient rooms for spinal rehabilitation care unit and M3 provides (16) new private inpatient beds for a medical/surgical unit.

Beyond fit-up for the new inpatient space, MEP infrastructure design included new EES power distribution, two new custom rooftop air handling units to replace the existing fan coil system, new hot water reheat heat exchangers/pumping/and distribution system, pneumatic tube system stations, and extending new medical gas infrastructure to the area.

MRI and Nuclear Imaging Suite
Inpatient Care
Albany Medical Center
  • This three-phase main campus expansion included two new 1.5T GE Signa MRI machines, PET/CT and associated control and uptake spaces, and 10,000sf 14-bed radiology recovery suite in the A building basement.
  • Project included strategic coordination with active renovation designs on floors above to replace an existing air handling unit in place with a new larger knock-down (built in place) unit, all without disrupting HVAC to approximately 30,000sf of area served.
  • All new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and med gas infrastructure was extended to this area of campus to support the new equipment and patient care in what was previously administrative space.
OR Renovation Expansion
Imaging Procedure
Albany Medical Center

This design for full renovation and expansion of an existing OR suite renovated 8 operating rooms in place in a highly phased and sequenced process to allow a minimum of 6 ORs to remain in operation through the duration of the project. All new chilled water and air handling systems were design, also with highly sequenced construction phasing to ensure minimal interruption to facility operations. A new sterile processing department addition was also provided to AAMI standards, along with renovations to pre-op, PACU, and support space.

Outpatient Endocrinology Clinic
Outpatient Care
Albany Medical Center

25,000sf Article 28 gut renovation of an existing office building at 220 Washington Ave Extension in Albany. The project includes entirely new MEP systems serving clinical, laboratory, infusion, and treatment spaces supporting Albany Medical Center's expanding endocrinology services.

Regional Urgent Care Center
Outpatient Care
Nathan Littauer Hospital / AMC

Article 28 new construction joint venture between Albany Medical Center and Nathan Littauer Hospital providing a regionally important urgent care center with exam, treatment, X-Ray, and CT imaging services.

The Massry Family Children's Emergency Center
Inpatient Care
Albany Medical Center

The Massry Family Children's Center at Albany Medical Center is the only one of its kind in northeastern New York and western New England. The family-friendly, 70,500-square-foot facility is located on Albany Med’s main campus and provides a safe and special environment where children and teenagers are tended to by experts in pediatric emergency medicine.

Features of the four-story Pediatric Emergency Department includes:

  • Triage area to immediately assess the severity of the illness or injury.
  • Fast-track unit for children and teens with less-serious conditions.
  • Observation unit for stays up to 23 hours.
  • Private rooms designed for the safety and comfort of children and parents.
  • Airborne Infectious Isolation (AII) rooms.
  • Full Trauma rooms with built-in X-Ray

The design received a LEED Silver Certified Rating.

USP 797/800 Compounding and Dispensing Pharmacies
Inpatient Care
Albany Medical Center
  • Multi-phased pharmacy modernization projects including compounding, dispensing, and retail.
  • New USP 800 certified hazardous compounding pharmacy, which includes a 3-hood clean room, ante-room, and work area. A new dedicated rooftop unit and high stack exhaust fan serve Phoenix Controls air valves to maintain air change rates, pressure differentials, temperature, and humidity required by USP.
  • After completion of the new USP 800 clean room, the previous space was modernized and modified to a USP 797 non-hazardous compounding clean room.
  • Dispensing and retail areas were renovated and modernized in place over several carefully sequenced phases with the addition of dispensing robots and carousel equipment along with MEP system upgrades and replacements.
Hospital Waiting Room
Huston Engineering Office


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