Facility Chilled Water Plant Upgrade










Project details

Multi-year phased in-place upgrades in design assist partnership with local mechanical contractor to upgrade, replace, and expand Albany Medical Center's 8,000 Ton chilled water plant split between two plant buildings.

  • Chiller additions/replacements including (1) Variable speed 1500T 480V chiller, (3) 1500T constant speed 13.2kV chillers, (1) 1500T variable speed 13.2kV.
  • Full new control system and multi-phased implementation and commissioning to provide precise load matching and chiller staging between variable and constant speed units.
  • A secondary chilled water system survey and analysis was provided for existing total 750hp secondary pumping system serving approximately 2.5 million square foot facility. The entire piping system was surveyed for physical distribution routing and connected load details, then flow and pressure measurements were taken at approximately 20 different key locations through the facility, each under three different flow conditions. This information was 3D modeled in Revit to provide an exact system flow/pressure curve. Analysis was done to identify key restriction points that could be corrected, and pinpoint appropriate locations and selections for two booster pumps within the facility.
  • Five new 250hp secondary pumps were selected, along with secondary control sequence and setpoint modifications to ensure that all facility loads are able to be satisfied as efficiently as possible.
  • Upcoming designs will include the replacement of the main plant cooling towers.
  • Full electrical designs and SKM in-rush, arc flash, and coordination studies were also included for all upgrades.
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